A strong believer in learning, unlearning and relearning,  Valerie hones her craft through exploring new techiques and styles from Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Russia and London. She hopes to bring to the world of makeup her unique flair of knowledge of art techniques, creating stunning beauty editorials and avant garde looks – unbounded and limitless like art itself.

Valerie wants to inspire women to pursue beauty in a broader way, to reveal what lies within and not to repeat the same old patterns. Make up allows a woman to be created the way she would like to be. It expresses emotions, adds courage, creates an unusual aura – proving that inside each of us, women, lies an enormous potential which should not be squeezed into any rigid limits. That, beauty has many faces and each face – a countless repertoire of incarnations.

Valerie is a finalist of the Creative Objects vs Creative People project, winner in REVE – Dream away internationally 2015, judge in REVE -Dream away internationally 2016, lead makeup artist of Asean Fashion Designers Showcase (AFDS) 2016, lead makeup artist in Laos Fashion Week 2016, a humanitarian in-the-making and an Entrepreneur. She also paints, knits and crochet in her free time.